Lake Worth Woman Files Billion Dollar Lawsuit Against Bayer
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Melanie LaFond sues Monsanto-Bayer for a billion dollars for causing her life-threatening throat cancer.

As of late February , Monsanto-Bayer was facing 11,200 lawsuits. Melanie LaFond has made that 11,201.

The lawsuit filed on Thursday, March 8th, says RoundUp weed killer is responsible for LaFond’s cancer.

Attorneys said LaFond sprayed RoundUp every day for the two years she worked for a Lake Worth landscaping company, For Ever Green.

“She was actually essentially bathing in it,” said attorney Larry Strauss. “It was touching her skin. It’s aerosol, blowing on her face.”

For Ever Green is also named as a defendant in the billion dollar lawsuit.

“As a matter of fact, we feel a billion dollars may not enough,” Gary said.

Gary said he believes that because Bayer continues to sell RoundUp even though they know it can cause cancer.

“They put more emphasis on profits than they do protecting people,” he said.

“They’re increasing profits to the detriment, the deadly detriment, to the general public,” said attorney Loreal McDonald. “This has to be stopped.”

Mordecai Cohen Ettinger