bell hooks, Black Feminist scholar, artist, and leading thinker on popular education.

bell hooks, Black Feminist scholar, artist, and leading thinker on popular education.

Health Justice Training and Consulting

We provide health justice training and consultation informed by an intersectional social justice analysis and a people’s science trans-disciplinary lens. Our trainings integrate a popular education pedagogy as well as experiential somatic and Theatre of the Oppressed approaches when appropriate. We also provide in-depth consultation and organizational development through tailored trainings and leadership coaching. We use our Health Justice Audit to help organizations and coalitions evaluate what support and training is needed.

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Sample trainings include:

Understanding and Transforming the Medical Industrial Complex - An Intro

reveals the hidden history of the MIC dating back to its roots in the early 1900’s period of industrialization. The training enables participants to develop the skills to analyze the MIC and better understand our current healthcare crisis. The training covers: the interlocking institutions which comprise the MIC: big pharma, health insurers, governmental bodies, scientific research bodies, professional organizations, and agribusinesses and how these all impact the healthcare we receive (or don’t). It also explores the history and ongoing patterns of institutional racism, sexism, ableism, transphobia, fatphobia, and heterosexism within the MIC.

Understanding and Implementing Disability Justice – An Intro

provides basic training in understanding ableism, empowering participants to take action to challenge and transform ableism in their communities and the institutions which wield great control over our lives. The workshop provides training on the 10 Principles of Disability Justice as developed by our collaborators at Sins Invalid, a Disability Justice leader. Interactive, this workshop encourages personal and political reflection to allow participants to deeply grasp the core concepts of disability justice and build the foundation for ongoing implementation and action. Participants will also cultivate an intersectional understanding of disability, health and climate justice, so crucial for our times. Follow-up implementation consulting or executive coaching available.

The Principles and Practices of Health Justice – An Intro

provides an in-depth overview of the 5 core Health Justice Principles, enabling participants to arrive at a broader and more liberatory understanding of what we really mean when we talk about ‘health’. The training integrates real-world examples most pressing in participants’ lives to instill understanding and deeply explore implementing the principles and potential barriers. The Health Justice Principles support other social justice visions and values, strengthening our work for change and the health of our communities and planet.

The Neurobiology of the Social Nervous System

is one of our favorite trainings! This workshop uses a people’s science lens to provide a critical history of trauma. It offers foundational skills in understanding the nervous system, how it works, how and why trauma happens, and its inextricable links to oppression -- historical and ongoing. The training also highlights the powerful work of may POC activists, mental health leaders and scholars, and the visionary Polyvagal theory. Interactive exercises support participants to more deeply understand, embody, and integrate their learning. We recommend this training to all organizations seeking to design for resilience.

Organizational Planning for Trauma Resilience: How to Integrate Self-Care and Whole- Organization Sustainability

provides foundational trauma training from a people’s science and intersectional social justice lens -- honoring and acknowledging the causative role of historic and ongoing oppression. The training supports participants to understand how many behaviors we or others engage in may be related to traumatic activation or survival skills in response to what we ourselves and our communities have lived through. This workshop teaches resilience: how it emerges at the level of our neurobiology, what it looks like, feels like, how to honor the resilience that got us to where we are, sustain and encourage its expansion and how to implement this knowledge for wise organizational design and planning. Follow-up consultation and coaching available.

The Hidden History of the Medical Industrial Complex – Part 1 & Part 2

explores how we arrived at our current healthcare crisis by examining the historical roots of the MIC during its formation in the early 1900s period of monopoly- powered industrialization. The training explores the enormously formative impacts of research and policy organizations founded by families such as the Carnegies, Morgans, and Rockefellers in designing: medical schools and curriculum, professional medical and research associations, and early pharmaceutical companies — many of which had ties to agribusinesses of the period which were instrumental in creating the biological weapons deployed in World War I and II. Many of these ties endure, such as Bayer-Monsanto.

This two part series offers in-depth training in how US healthcare was designed to generate high profits, and captive markets, while institutionalizing and maintaining racial, gender, and class divisions and discrimination. The training reveals a history and analysis we don’t get in school, enabling participants to envision and act as healing justice agents of change on a new level, making this series all the more crucial in these times. Issue-based content most pertinent to participants, such as attacks on reproductive justice or trans health, or the growing epidemic of high Black infant and Black women/ birth parent mortality rates, will be integrated according to need.

Understanding and Transforming Medical Apartheid – An Intro

uses the ground-breaking work of medical investigative journalist Harriet Washington as a guide to understand and transform historic and persistent patterns of medical apartheid and abuse. Covering the 1700s to the present, this training explores the ways medical science has engaged in and justified medical abuse and torture from the current opioid epidemic (which has disproportionately harmed Native American and low income rural communities), to the widespread practice of ordering medical students to perform non-consensual pelvic exams on people under anesthesia for unrelated procedures, and health insurers’ systematic denial of life-saving medications or services. Strategies for action that are most pertinent to participants will be integrated.

The Medical Industrial Complex and the Prison Industrial Complex: Exposing the Intersections of Peoples’ Health and State Violence

overviews how medical institutions and practices extend into the Prison Industrial Complex and amplify its power to control, contain, and punish our communities. Many activists and progressive academics refer to this as the carceral continuum. This training explores issues that impact our loved ones and communities: current efforts to criminalize medical procedures such as abortion and withhold life-saving treatment from trans and gender non-conforming communities, the use of medical procedures to force feed hunger-strikers in ICE captivity, and the growing epidemic of police violence targeting People of Color, especially those with disabilities. This workshop is tailored to support the work and aims of participants, especially healing justice and criminal justice work.

Health Justice at the Intersections: Health As Liberation in Times of Climate Chaos and the Rising Right

explores the inherent interconnections among health, disability, and climate justice - so crucial for our times and for the work of diverse change-makers and leaders. This training introduces the framework of the toxic tipping point. It offers foundational skills building in understanding and analyzing the latest data on air pollution and its role in creating disabling environments and skyrocketing disease rates, especially in majority People of Color and/or low income neighborhoods. Curriculum also overviews the connections of major corporate polluters with big pharma, governmental bodies such as the EPA and other healthcare institutions. This is one of our most powerful and timely trainings!

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