News Breaks of Toxic Air Causing More Deaths than Tobacco

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[Image Description: Air pollution over London. The scientists’ figures suggest toxic air is causing more early deaths than tobacco smoking.]

News Breaks of Toxic Air Causing More Deaths than Tobacco As Global Youth Prepare for March 15th Climate Strike!

Just 3 months after the Bay Area choked on the ashes of Paradise and had the worst air quality on the planet for at least 2 consecutive days, a new consensus is emerging from research at the intersections of climate and health justice: air pollution is taking millions of lives across the globe and it is far out-pacing cigarette smoking as a cause for death.

Fossils fuel and other big corporate polluters are the primary sources of pollution along with road traffic and plane travel. However, according to a February 2018 UC Davis Study, personal hygiene and consumer cleaning products are now surpassing transportation as a major contributor to air pollution, with these products currently causing over 50% of air pollution ‘smog’.

Global youth are on it, planning walk-outs in 60 countries across the globe! The solutions are already here: a Green New Deal with Indigenous Leadership and other POC. The facts are clear. Now, those who stand in our way simply need to step aside.

See links below for more air pollution information, info on the Green New Deal, and some visionary work happening around the US and world.

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