#5 - Universal Access

Healthcare is a human right. Access to it should not be limited for any reason, especially not due to race, class, ethnicity, gender, gender presentation, sexuality, ability, weight, appearance, religion or spiritual beliefs, or citizenship status.

Universal Access can extend beyond the human right to healthcare to encompass participation and access to every institution and aspect of social and public life. Defining ‘access’ in this way follows the leadership of Disability Justice and its 10 guiding principles. Skin, Tooth and Bone: The Basis of Movement is Our People: A Disability Justice Primer, created by Sins Invalid, provides a powerful overview of Disability Justice, its 10 principles, and how to make events and organizations more accessible. We highly recommend the DJ Primer as required reading for surviving and thriving in our times! You can purchase an online version for $5 which supports the world-changing work of Sins Invalid.

Imagine a world in which no one need fear exclusion or that their basic healthcare needs will not be met. This is the world Universal Access calls for. We believe this world is possible and that it is the world we all deserve.