Our mission…

The Health Justice Commons works at the intersections of racial, economic, gender, disability, and environmental justice to support marginalized communities to re-imagine and re-design healthcare and healing for our times.

We provide health justice training and consultation, engage in healing justice movement building, and incubate community-driven solutions, which generate health abundance and alleviate the devastating health burden of social injustice and environmental racism.

Our work is grounded in an intersectional social justice lens and centers a trauma-informed approach that strives to transform the profound role that intergenerational trauma plays in health and harm, especially in communities of color and LBGTQI communities. We aim to catalyze the creation of healthcare systems outside of the Medical Industrial Complex which honor the sacredness of Life, place people and the planet above profit and that are based in regenerative economics and large scale efforts to redistribute wealth such as worker-owned coops and reparations. Our work is guided by participatory action research and emergent strategy techniques to enable it to be led by those most impacted by health injustice in collaboration with progressive healers, healthcare professionals, and scientists.



The Health Justice Commons offers unique and innovative programs to our members and communities: the Health Justice Advocacy Training Program, Movement Building and Solution Incubation, the Health Justice Audit, and Online Learning. Join Us!



We’re making herstory with our solidarity campaign honoring the legacy and work of the late disability rights leader Carrie Ann Lucas. Learn more and get involved!


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